It’s tax season, only two days to go! Here is my office preparing to file, it’s a lot of work but necessary. My humble advice to married couples is to do your taxes together and understand them fully. That one document forces you to face your financial reality whether it be good or bad. The IRS doesn’t accept ” I didn’t know” if you sign a joint return. It also tells you where your money is or is not. I recently had a case where a party who signed the returns tried to claim the other party ,who prepared the taxes, committed tax fraud. That argument went nowhere and the poor guy lost all credibility with the decision maker and hurt his overall case. Don’t sign any document you don’t fully understand as it can have long term consequences. Take the time to know where your money is or is not and if you are at risk for any short or long term liabilities. Rarely does the “innocent spouse” defense prevail.