Mediation is often the better choice for conflict resolution

Going to court is expensive and unpredictable and most courts require parties to mediate issues before allowing a case to go to trial. Mediation is an excellent tool to resolve issues while keeping some relationship or communication lines intact after the process. The experienced mediators at Tamblyn Law are certified interest-based mediators that are trained in identifying important issues to each party and helping the parties craft lasting compromised solutions. Don’t let a court decide for you when with the help of mediator you can have a stake in the outcome.

Mediation is often the best way to tackle issues between parties, and our courts require mediation before trial. Our team is comprised of trained and certified interest-based mediators. Our attorneys/mediators help clients get through impasses and moved towards lasting solutions.

Our experience also gives parties real predictions of what a court might decide to help the process move forward. Mediation saves time and money and allows parties to maintain a working relationship.

Is mediation right for your situation?

Often, parties need a professional to show them they are not far from agreeing. Our trained mediators help parties identify where they can negotiate to save time, money, and a relationship. Mediation is a great resolution tool to use in all civil cases. It can also be less expensive than going through the court system and it can avoid expensive trials.

Understand why mediation may work well for you

  • Mediation is confidential
  • Mediation is flexible
  • Mediation is voluntary
  • Mediation is affordable
  • Mediation is quick